Madhya Pradesh Gone, Will It Be Rajasthan Next?


Thanks to its wrong moves, the Congress has lost another government. It has now lost Madhya Pradesh. Now , the BJP is getting ready to stake the claim to form the next government in the state. Shivraj Singh Chouhan has the required numbers and can easily sustain the government with Jyotiraditya Scindia’s backing.

The Congress has lost not just Jyothiradiya Scindia to the BJP, it has also lost close to 22 MLAs. This points to completely wrong mishandling of things by the Congress both at the Central as well as the state level. Now, all eyes are on Rajasthan, where there is simmering discontent against Ashok Gehlot and young deputy CM Sachin Pilot is unhappy with the high command’s handling of the things. He might rebel any moment, sources say.

The BJP, if sources are to be believed, is already in touch with several Congress MLAs and can pull the plug any time on the Rajasthan Government. If that happens, the Congress will lose another state.

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