Modi sports new bread look


Prime Minister Narendra Modi who emerged as an influential leader in the world through his ground-breaking decisions has an appealing personality. His debonair needs a special mentioning here.

Narendra Modi’s style has a huge impact on Indians that Modi overcoat became a new style in the country. Modi surely knows how to sport the new accessories from trendy sunglasses to stylish watches.

He even made salt and pepper look famous in the middle-aged people. In the pandemic time, Modi sported gamcha look, by covering his mouth and nose with a cloth. This look is quite popular in Eastern Uttar Pradesh.

Now Modi sported a trendy beard look which makes him look fierce. Netizens even compared Modi’s new look with that of Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. This look became quite popular with the netizens and middle-aged people.

In the video conference held with the Chief Ministers of the states and Union Territories, he appeared with the trendy beard look. Some netizens called Modi dashing and sexy in this new look.

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