Modi To Contest From Bengaluru South?


In 2014, Modi contested from both Varanasi in UP and Rajkot in Gujarat. In Gujarat, the BJP made a clean sweep, while it won 70 of the 80 seats in UP. This time around, he is contesting from Varanasi. But, there is one more seat from where he might contest. It may not be Rajkot, but from South India, where the BJP’s presence is minimal. The BJP is said to be planning to make him contest from Bengaluru city, which is a BJP stronghold. The BJP wants to make a dent in the South.

So, Modi might contest from the seat that late Anant Kumar used to represent. In fact, the BJP initially toyed with the idea of putting up Anantakumar’s wife Tejaswini, but now, it appears to be having second thoughts. In fact, the BJP had announced the names of its candidates for 21 of the 28 seats and Anantakumar’s seat is one of them. Insiders say that Modi could contest from this seat. The BJP feels that this would help the BJP in South India. This will help whip up a Modi frenzy in all the four states of South India.