Modi’s Show In The Wild Rakes Up Pulwama Memories


Remember the dastardly Pulwama attack, which claimed 40 CRPF lives? Where was Modi on that fateful day? If one recalls, he was in the Jim Corbett Park in Uttarakhand shooting for an episode of Man Vs Wild. There were allegations that Modi was busy shooting even as the Pulwama Attack was happening. The Congress Party tried to show this as Modi’s utter insensitivity at a time of national tragedy. The Congress said Modi reacted only by evening on February 14, the day the incident occurred.

Modi’s defendants tried to offer defence saying Modi was in a remote location and was in no position to respond. But, there were allegations that he went ahead with the shoot despite knowing about the attack. All this has now come to the fore once again what with the trailer of Modi’s episode for Man Vs Wild being released. The teaser shows Modi laughing away in gay abandon and bantering with the host. This is being used by the Opposition, including Mahbooba Mufti, who is not willing to leave any opportunity to get back at Modi. She said PM Modi is known for his creative PR techniques. Whatever the criticism, the promo of the show was watched in 180 countries and trended across the globe for the whole day on Monday.

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