More Trouble For Minister Malla Reddy


Education baron and Minister Malla Reddy appears to be in deep trouble. Though he has managed to become a minister in the KCR government, nothing seems to be going right for him. He is facing large-scale dissidence within the TRS. In his Medchal constituency, the rival factions, especially those loyal to former MLA Malipeddi Sudheer Reddy are causing lot of trouble for Malla Reddy. They are boycotting his programmes and are working against the official candidates that Malla Reddy had put up in the local elections. As a result, the results in Medchal were very disappointing for the TRS.

On Friday, Malla Reddy attended a party workers meeting in Boduppal area of his constituency. As soon as the meeting began, pro-and anti-Malla Reddy groups entered into a wordy duel. Soon, the wordy duel degenerated into fisticuffs and shoves. Some unruly elements threw chairs at the rival faction, leading to a serious fight. Unable to control the fighting TRS workers, Malla Reddy quietly made an exit.

The fight, which has happened ahead of the upcoming GHMC elections would have an impact on the party performance and the High Command, which is monitoring the developments might soon give a dressing down to Malla Reddy so that he takes everyone along in the party affairs.