New Development in Priyanka Reddy’s Case


The rape and murder case of Veterinary doctor P. Priyanka Reddy had drawn attention nationwide with messages and tweets pouring in social media mourning her brutal death. Some netizens even compared her incident with Nirbhaya and questioned how many more daughters should our Country lose.

In a new development, the Cyberabad police have arrested four lorry drivers and cleaners who were believed to be suspects reportedly.

The police have identified, Mohd Pasha, the prime suspect along with others. He is from Mahbubnagar. It has been reported that this is a kidnap, gang-rape and murder case.

The accused were nabbed by the cops with the help of visuals recorded in the surveillance cameras in the area. The suspects have reportedly punctured her bike and kidnapped her on the pretext of helping her.

The murderers have taken her to a deserted place near the Tondupally toll gate and later raped her and killed her by burning her alive.

Telangana IT Minister shocked and saddened after knowing this sad news. He took to Twitter to share his opinion on this.

“Outraged and deeply anguished by the murder of #Priyankareddy I am confident that @TelanganaDGP & the police will catch the animals who committed this heinous crime & deliver justice at the earliest. I’ll personally monitor the case too. Anyone in distress, please dial 100,” read his Tweet.

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