New Traffic Rules: DGP Fined! For What?


The new Motor Vehicle Act which came into effect from September 1st this year isn’t only worrying the public but also the policemen. Even Police Personnel including Top Cops have been falling prey to the new set of rules and hefty fines. Telangana DGP Mahendar Reddy was fined Rs 1,135 by Traffic Police for violating the rules.

As per the new rules, Common Man could bring the traffic violations to the notice of Police. An Individual reported to the Traffic Police about the four-wheeler passing in the wrong route in Sangareddy. Upon reaching the conclusion over violation of rule, Traffic Cops began tracing the owner of the vehicle and they were left stunned upon finding out the identity of the rule breaker. Traffic Police sent the challan of Rs 1,135 to the residence of DGP as the complaint was registered by then.

Sensational Cases were reported all over the country since September 1st. Meerut Additional DG confirmed 51 Cops were caught violating the traffic rules. UP DGP declared Policemen breaking traffic rules will have to pay double fine. Expect high-profile people to end up paying the hefty fines in future.

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