Nirbhaya Offenders Looking To Use Loopholes In Law To Escape Death


Nirbhaya’s mother said in a recent interview that she lost faith in Indian Judiciary as she wants to see the offenders hanged to death in order to avenge her daughter but as they keep escaping death penalty with some or the petition or plea, she declared that she has no trust in Judiciary.

Still, Indian Judiciary system is not trying to block all the ways they can escape even after finding them guilty.

Through some criminally clever counsels, they are escaping the death without any remorse. To escape 3rd March execution, they filled petitions to High Court to change their punishment to life imprisonment.

One of them filed a petition to Indian President to grant him mercy from the death penalty. Already two of them have applied mercy petitions and Indian President office has suspended their pleas.

They are filing petitions against President in Supreme Court. As Indian Judiciary allows a chance for a fair trial to anyone, they are using it to their advantage to escape their death penalty.

As Court ordered all of them to be hanged at a time, if one of them applies for mercy petition, all others execution is also stopped until President reply arrives. In the meantime, they are going to court with different pleas prolonging the process.

While Nirbhaya’s mother is demanding to change the sentence and kill them all at different times, if possible and asking judges to not take their pleas into consideration, nobody is heeding to her demands.

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