North Korea Dictator’s Luxurious Lifestyle


North Korea President Kim Jong-un who gained himself name as dictator is widely known for his dictatorship and crazy acts he does. Kim became the president of North Korea after the demise of his father.

Kim’s story has another side which is a luxurious and lavish lifestyle. He has an undying love for the brands be it the dress he wears of the liquor he drinks. As the dictator doesn’t like the locally made liquor he often imports costly liquor.

The cost of liquor he imports from other nations like America and Germany costs a bomb which is more than 90,000 dollars for his favorite German Wine. Kim also makes sure that all his personal data is kept secretly.

He also has a rather unusual habit of replacing Defense Ministers and more than Six Defense Ministers were replaced in the decade time since 2011 which is the highest for any country in the world.

The dictator is least bothered about the situations in the nation and doesn’t matter if the public is having the facilities or not but he doesn’t compromise with the brands.

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