Not Delhi, But MP Smoke Is Reaching Hyderabad


Will the farm fires cause a pall of smog form on Hyderabad skies affecting its visibility? Likely, say satellite studies. Already Delhi and its adjoining areas are affected by the smoke that has emanated from the burning of dried paddy grass in Haryana and Punjab. This has brought down the visibility in Delhi and has reduced the Oxygen levels. The pollution has assumed dangerous proportions in the national capital.

But, satellite studies have shown that the thick black smoke is now moving towards the south east coast. As predicted, the smoke is going in that direction. But, the smog in Hyderabad is not entirely due to the movement of the smog from Delhi. There are farm fires in Central India too. The smoke from the central India is moving southwards and the city of Hyderabad is immediately affected.

The farmers burn the left over crop on the fields to make their lands ready for the rabi wheat crop, which is the main crop for the farmers across the North India. Whatever, Hyderabad will have to brace up for smoggy days in the times to come.

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