Pawan Kalyan Vs YS Jagan: Who can question better?


Pawan-Kalyan-Vs-YS-JaganPower Star Pawan Kalyan, a prominent Tollywood hero, has recently floated Jana Sena Party with the primary objective of questioning the griminess in the politics. Nevertheless, he has just floated the party and not moved even an inch ahead from where his party was situated on that day of its launch. There is no doubt that he has a chip in the recent general elections and ensured a splendid win for the BJP + TDP alliance with his articulation and the enormous fan following. However, so far, he has not taken up any issue to question any politician or political party since his political party got underway. It is a must to recollect that Pawan has reiterated that the principle objective of him floating the Jana Sena Party was to question the political viciousness.

From the other end, YS Jagan Mohan Reddy, the Chief of YSR Congress Party, has been questioned many times many issues both in open meetings as well as in the state assembly hall. It is worth recollecting his rhythmic sentence “నేను అడగదలచుకున్నా..” which when literally translated means “I would like to ask…” at many number of occasions. The point here is not whether they are worth considering or not. But, the point is whether he raised the issues appropriately or not.

Albeit YS Jagan Mohan Reddy has never said that he would question the dinginess in the politics, he has surely done it all the way through his actions. In view of the above two facts, in this setting, YS Jagan Mohan Reddy seems to question better than Pawan Kalyan. Is it not so?

– THI.

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