Pawan Kalyan’s Behavior Irked BJP?


Reportedly Janasena Chief Pawan Kalyan’s visit to Haridwar, is not a spiritual trip, indeed he visited the Matri Ashram to take part in the first death anniversary of Ganga Activist GD Agarwal, who lost his life while going on a hunger strike for almost 111 days to for the purification of the Ganges.

It has been reported that the State BJP leaders are trying to make an allinace with Pawan similarly like that of in 2014. In contrast to that Pawan is meeting the resolute critics of RSS and the Hindutva ideology. Pawan Kalyan made it clear at various meetings that he is not in the favaour of caste and religious politics. His son is named Mark Shankar Pawanovich on his wife’s belief.

His meeting with Rajendra Singh(Conservationist) and professor Neeraj Soni who are resolute critics of BJP, doesn’t look like a normal meeting. The political circles are citing this meeting as an intentional meeting and their speech confirmed this.

PM Narendra Modi, MP from Varanasi made a promise that he will start the Ganga Act, which focuses on the purification of the Ganges. The purification of the Ganges is also the demand of the like of GD Agarwal and Matri Ashram. With this meeting, it seems like it has not gone well with BJP leaders. To know whether the BJP-Janasena alliance will repeat in the 2024 elections, we may have to wait some more time.