Pawan Only Wants Explanation From BJP


Politicians are known to be mercurial. They change their words, deny the comments they made and say one thing in the morning and the exact opposite in the evening. But, one does not expect Jana Sena chief Pawan Kalyan to be like the run-of-the-mill politicians. But, even he seems to have learnt the tricks of the trade.

After having gone ballistic on the special status issue and after spitting fire on Modi and the BJP on the issue, he is now saying that he does not have any enmity with the BJP. He met BJP national general secretary Ram Madhav in the US and discussed the political scenario in Andhra Pradesh. Later, he spoke to the media, where he stopped short of saying anything about what transpired at the meeting, but said that he never had any enmity with the BJP. In a very significant statement, he said he had earlier worked with the BJP and that he only wanted clarity on the special status issue.

This is significant as it indicates that he is trying to get pally with the BJP and is ready to set aside issues like special status and Polavaram. Now, he is like any politico, who slams the TDP in the morning and praises it in the evening.

Interestingly, Pawan Kalyan was in the forefront of those demanding special status and was at his wildest best sloganeering. Today, he just wants a mere explanation from the BJP. Once the explanation is given, he will have no hesitation in joining hands with the BJP first and joining the BJP next. And who will end up as fools? It’s the people who believed in Pawan Kalyan and his perorations.

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