Rajinikanth To Join This Party?


Looks like news of Rajanikanth joining politics will surface every time during the elections. The news of him joining various parties during the 2014 Lok Sabha elections. Before the elections, Narendra Modi met Rajinikanth at his residence and invited him to join the BJP party, but the latter kept silence on this matter. He even held a press conference to announce his entry into politics and even announced his party symbol.

With him giving no reply, BJP has started to find other leaders from Tamil Nadu. BJP which is trying to expand its reach in the southern states hasn’t succeeded yet to enter Tamil Nadu. Mostly, Tamilians won’t accept non-Tamilian parties.

Reportedly, former Minister Radha Krishnan has requested Rajinikanth to join the BJP party. He said this while addressing the media at Pudukota. He made it clear that the BJP party needs Rajini’s following to win the Tamil Nadu elections.

The BJP party has also made it clear that Rajinikanth will be given more priority if he joins the party. Only Rajinikanth can answer on whether he will join BJP or starts a new party by himself. After the demise of Jayalalitha, BJP had an alliance with ANNA DMK.

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