Researchers Found Submerged 8th Continent


In schools we all read, the earth is home for Seven Continents namely Asia, Africa, North America, South America, Antarctica, Europe, and Australia. With the new discovery of the researchers, you may have to rethink the content count. Going into detail, a team of researchers from the GNS Science in New Zealand claimed that they have mapped the eighth continents by using the underwater map.

The researchers named the continent as ‘Zealandia’ which was submerged underwater around millions of years ago. They even mapped the shape and size of the new continent too.

The landmass is believed to be submerged under the south Pacific around 3,500 feet. Along with mapping the continent, the researchers have also analyzed the bathymetry, which is a process of studying the shape and depth of the ocean floor around the new continent.

The researchers uploaded the new maps on to the interactive website to enable the users to explore the details of the continent virtually. Thes maps will provide the geology details accurately.

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