RGV And His Satirical Tweets On Corona


Ram Gopal Varma is a director who needs no introduction about his craft and sarcastic humor on everything. He never leaves a stone unturned to be in the limelight with his sarcastic tweets on the happening events. If he targets an issue, a series of tweets follow on his twitter page and its a brief stint of enlightenment for some and irritation for some others.

Varma has posted a series of tweets on Corona Virus outbreak which went on like this-

First tweet came in about isolation and its benefits to the husbands who hate their wives and newly married can happily divorce in these times he said. In the other tweet, he mentioned that Americans are beating the Bahubali2 queues at the supermarkets so as to stockpile food items and others in their homes.

He asked Indians to embrace new religion, Corona religion when the existing religions can’t save us. His tweet went on further saying Corona and God are in love and that’s not the end. RGV asked KA Paul to pray to the God he loves to stop this pandemic and curse him to be infected by Corona for his huge words.

Everyone knows the sarcastic nature of RGV and his thug-life stunts. It’s time we chill at his words and be cautious about the pandemic!

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