RGV Realises His Dumbness Because Of KTR


There’s an important fight sequence in the movie Aagadu and the social media troll pages morphed it with the faces of KCR, Chandra Babu, Uttam Kumar Reddy, Kodandaram and others.

The video is already trending viral on the social media and RGV shared it on his Twitter profile and wrote, “Hey ⁦@KTRTRS⁩ ,ur father KCR is not 2.0 but he is 20.0 times @rajinikanth 200.0 times ⁦@urstrulyMahesh⁩ and 2000.0 times bigger than ⁦@ncbn⁩” to which KTR replied, “I always knew that. What took you so long to figure that Ramu Garu?”

Later RGV called himself a dumb saying, “Well I guess I was dumb ! Anyway Here’s 2.0 billion Cheers to u and ur dad.” RGV did not stop there and furthermore tweeted, “I always maintained that KCR was more beautiful than all heroines but now I think he’s more handsome than all heroes and more attractive than all the Himalayas. If Modi put the tallest statue in Gujarat, Telangana should put 2.0 times higher statue of KCR.”

The sensational director is currently busy with the promotions of the movie Bhairava Geetha.

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