RGV’s Disgusting Remarks On Farmers


Ram Gopal Varma hasn’t changed a bit even after receiving setbacks because of the controversial comments he made in the past few months. It has come to the stage that people had almost began ignoring the views expressed by him. And now, The Filmmaker seems to have decided to drew the attention by upping the controversial quotient.

While Varma was promoting ‘Bhairava Geetha’ from a TV Studio, A Lady Activist suggested the filmmaker to concentrate on films which enlighten the people rather than showing bloodshed repeatedly. Quickly, RGV introduced himself as the most irresponsible citizen of his country and someone who doesn’t care for the society at all.

This is when the Anchor intervened and asked Ramu why don’t he make a film on farmers issues which continue to bother the nation. And this how RGV replied: ‘I hate the fact that Farmers always stay in the mud. I get irritated looking at them. That is why I won’t make films on Farmers. I will surely think about making a film if farmers quit agriculture & encourage gun culture’.

The disgusting comments made by Varma hasn’t gone down with all sections of people. There was a severe backlash on the filmmaker for not offering farmers the respect they deserve for feeding the population of this country.

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