Setback To Ravi Prakash In High Court


Ravi Prakash moved a Lunch Motion Petition in the High Court saying the forgery and data theft case filed against him by the Cyber Crime Police is against the Constitution. He sought immediate court proceedings on the petition moved by him. However, High Court quashed the petition on grounds that there is no such emergency.

Cyber Crime Police served notices under Section 41 CrPC after Ravi Prakash failed to present himself before them. There is every possibility of arrest if he doesn’t appear for questioning Today. Whether Ravi Prakash would appear before the cops or surrender to them after the setback in the High Court?

Where is Ravi Prakash at present? There were speculations that he is either in Hyderabad or Mumbai. Family Members and Close Friends have been saying they aren’t aware of his whereabouts.

Even Hero Shivaji has been absconding since few days. He is facing charges of conspiring against Alandha Media as per the instructions of Ravi Prakash.