TDP Folks…Who For CBN’s Vijaya Yatra?

Chandrababu Naidu returned to Hyderabad from his foreign trip recently. There wasn’t any hungama at Rajiv Gandhi International Airport when the TDP Supremo arrived.

Surprisingly, The scenes at the Gannavaram Airport are different from that of RGIA. Soon after Naidu stepped out of the airport, TDP Leaders and Workers raised slogans in praise of the Party Supremo. Huge garlands have been brought as if Babu has achieved a memorable victory and getting ready for a success tour.

What came as a shock to many is the manner in which Chandrababu Naidu handled the situation. Instead of asking the partymen what is the need for such activities when the party touched a new low, Naidu accepted the garlands offered by them and seemed to be pleased with the slogans. This development happened when YCP Government was demolishing Praja Vedika branding it as an illegal construction. TDP Leadership is yet to learn any lessons from the failure in 2019 Elections. Instead of accepting reality and planning accordingly, Focus is on false prestige and publicity stunts. What would CBN achieve by doing so?