TDP Lady MLA Registres Compliant On Social Media Abusive Posts


TDP MLA Adireddy Bhavani who represents the Rajahmundry City constituency who is not happy with the abusive comments on her on social media has registered a complaint in the Disha Police Station.

In her complaint, the MLA asked the police to register a complaint on the people who use abusive language on social media. When the MLA went to the police station Vangalapudi Anitha and other TDP leaders were also present.

For a long time, the MLA is talking about the online abusive comments on leaders especially women leaders. She went to say that she has the details on the people who post such disgusting comments.

Earlier she spoke about the same in the State Assembly even in the presence of CM Jagan when the topic of women’s safety and protection came in the house. she expressed concerns about the normal women too in this regard.

She registered compliant with the DSP in the Disha Police Station on this abusive comments. The police response on the compliant is awaiting.

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