TDP MLAs demand apology from Jagan


dhulipalla-narendraHyderabad: Reacting to YSRCP Chief Jagan’s controversial comments in the Assembly, the TDP MLAs made the following comments

Jagan should ask forgiveness for calling TDP MLAs as Buffoons, failing which je should be dismissed from the Assembly: TDP Whip Dhulipalla narendra

Being an opposition leader, calling the ruling party MLAs as Buffoons by Jagan is condemnable. he should ask forgiveness for the same. The controversial comments should be deleted from the records: TDP MLA Polam Reddy

Jagan should withdraw his comments: Speaker Kodela Siva prasad rao

During the discussion aw and order situation in the state today, when TDP MLA Gorantla Buchaiah chowdary questioned YSRCP Chief Jagan ,” did you not know Mangali Krishna?”, Jagan became furious and called the TDP MLAs as ” BUFFOONS”.

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