TDP MLAs should first withdraw their Words: Jagan


jaganHyderabad: The TDP MLAs demanded Jagan to withdraw his controversial comments and ask forgiveness. In response, Jagan stated that the “TDP MLAs had first called me a ‘Murderer’, ‘Devil’ and ‘Monster’. The YSRCP MLAs are also named ‘Smugglers’. The TDP leaders should first withdraw their words”.

More over, the buffon comments are not made on TDP leaders but on the MLA who questioned me, said Jagan.

During the discussion on law and order situation in the state today, when TDP MLA Gorantla Buchaiah chowdary questioned YSRCP Chief Jagan ,” did you not know Mangali Krishna?”, Jagan became furious and called the TDP MLAs as ” BUFFOONS”.

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