TDP Wins Tv Media Ads Segment


As elections are around the corner, major parties are fighting it down in the Media Space. While the Print Media is already divided on the Political Affiliations, all the parties are trying to attract the people in TV media. TDP and YSR Congress have been filling the TV Space more than the usual FMCG segment ads.

Telugu Desam Party Ads are innovative and attractive while compared to that of YSR Congress. TDP ads are more about the various government schemes which are currently being implemented. Ads particularly on Increased Pensions, Pasupu Kunkuma, Farmer Schemes are attractive and are likely to hit their target in the beneficiaries.

YSR Congress in recent times has attracted several film celebrities but the content they have churned out to be poor. Their ads are mostly focused on bashing Chandrababu Naidu Government just like how Jagan likes it in his speeches. Usually, Positivity works with the people than negativity, Political Experts say.

Only the fans and supporters of YSR Congress are liking such ads. These ads are being aired on the Digital Media Space in Youtube and Social Media. YSR Congress ads are being a bit popular in social media where the audience is a bit aggressive. But its high time, YSR Congress changes its strategy as the mass and the neutral people decide an election.

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