Telugu News Channel Sued For Rs 100 Crore


A Popular Telugu News Channel was sued by a ‘Pan Masala’ Company for telecasting a story projecting the products of the brand contains cancer-causing carcinogenic compounds. The major agenda of the telecasted show is to highlight the illegal sale of pan- gutka and other banned tobacco related products were sold all around Hyderabad.

The Pan Masala Firm filed a defamation suit against the News Channel seeking Rs 100 crore to compensate the damage caused to its reputation. Complaint was made against Editor-in-Chief, News Presenter and Reporter who offered the ground report.

A Newspaper Ad was issued by the Pan Masala Company to make the news about defamation suit go into the public. For now, The Firm holds an upper hand because of the law suit. What will the Channel Management do now?

Nobody knows how long it gonna take for achieving justice with the defamation suit. In the past, A News Channel sued Pawan Kalyan for Rs 10 crore and Hero Nani sued Sri Reddy for defaming him. What was the progress of those defamation suits?

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