The Country Needs A Strong Opposition: Abhijit Banerjee


Abhijit Banerjee, who has won Noble prize in the field of economics has made sensational comments on Prime Minister Narendra Modi. His comments came out as a response to Central Minister Piyush Goyal’s statements, “Abhijit is a leftist and the Nyay scheme proposed by him was rejected in elections”. For this he responded, saying that “Modi was elected in the elections with no other option left”. “Modi has a good following but the public voted him as there is no right candidate in the opposition”, he observed.

Abhijit was awarded the Noble prize for his great research on how to remove poverty. The Nyay scheme was designed by Abhijit, which Rahul Gandhi proposed during the 2019 elections. While responding to the criticism, he said: “Public voted to Modi.. but not for every decision he makes”. A government will do many things. The public should vote for every decision taken by the government. Most of the public voted for Modi. They felt that no leader in opposition is worth voting. I strongly believe he has a good image in the public. The public doesn’t have a choice to vote on a particular scheme. Modi or not is the only choice, the public has added Abhijit.

While responding to the comments made by the BJP on him, he said, “They should observe the comments I made earlier. I made serious comments on UPA ruling too”. He felt that there should be a strong opposition in the country. Currently, the country needs a strong opposition. It helps democracy. I don’t think the public believes that the Congress party is ready for taking the responsibility of strong opposition.

There is no leader in the Congress party. Whoever might be the President of the party He/She should be given strong powers. They should also be given the freedom to run the party according to their ideology, he added.

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