This Actor Still Wants To Be a Governor


Senior politician and veteran actor Krishnamraju wants to be a governor. He feels he can no longer play a role in active politics. He can no longer take up campaigning. Ever since Modi became the PM, he has been lobbying hard for governor’s post. He had even used his nephew Prabhas for this. He took Prabhas to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, but to no avail.

Though Modi and Shah are appointing governor after governor, they are not considering Krishnamraju’s case. In fact, as of now, the BJP is appointing senior RSS and BJP hands as governors. But, Krishnamraju has not given up. He is joining the party membership drive and is working hard to prove that he is still of some relevance to the BJP. What more, he has also started targeting Chandrababu Naidu to get party leadership’s attention. One day, he termed Chandrababu a dead snake. The otherday, he said Chandrababu is a post-graduate in deception. Despite all these things, the BJP leadership is not looking at him.

Why will the BJP make him a governor? He joined the BJP when things were rosy and tht there was an alliance with the TDP. After the BJP went out of power, he resigned the party n adjoined Praja Rajyam. Then, he is back to the BJP again. This being the case, why will the BJP trust him?

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