This Bengali MP’s Speech Is Winning Hearts!


The powerful speech delivered by Bengali MP Mahua Moitra in the Parliament drew the attention of the nation. While accepting the people’s mandate in 2019 Elections, She expressed the view that Opposition could have played a constructive role and there could have been healthy debate had if NDA didn’t win so many seats.

Mahua Moitra quoted Three Signs to convey that the Constitution of India is under threat Today.

First Sign: A powerful and continuing nationalism that is being sphered into our national fabric. It is superficial…it is xenophobic…it is narrow. It has a lust to divide. It is not a desire to unite! Citizens are being thrown out of their homes and are being called illegal immigrants. People who have lived in this country for 50 years have to show a piece of paper to prove they are Indians.

Second Sign: 10-fold Increase in number of Hate Crimes between 2014 to 2019. It’s like the valuation of an e-commerce start-up. Few forces in the country are ensuring this number goes up.

Third Sign: Unimaginable Subjugation & Control of Mass Media. Five of the largest media organisations in the country are controlled by one Man (Modi). Most of time is spent by TV Channels to telecast Pro-BJP Reports. Centre should reveal the ads offered for each media house. I&B Ministry hired 120 only for monitoring what’s the content on News Channels.

Mahua Moitra declared 2019 Elections wasn’t fought either on farmers issues or unemployment but on WhatsApp Fake News and Manipulating Minds. She added, ”This Government repeats its lies again and again to make people believe that it is the truth’.

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