This CM Shows How Not To Behave Like A VIP


Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan has done what most other politicians did not do. Once he tested Corona positive, he got himself admitted to an ordinary government medical hospital identified for Covid. He did not show any VIP attitude on the hospital staff.

Chouhan joined a normal hospital room that did not even have an air conditioner. There were two fans set up for him. Otherwise, it was a normal room and he wore the hospital clothes like any ordinary patient. Not just that he has complied with all the restrictions that the hospital management has for the Covid patient. Thus he has shown how a VIP should behave with humility and honesty. His soft-spoken attitude and simple demeanor have won the hearts of the medical staff in the hospital.

Most importantly, Shivraj Singh made it a point to listen to the Mann Ki Baat speech of Prime Minister Narendra Modi on a TV provided for him in the hospital. Several hospital staff stood by and watched PM eulogise the medics and para medics working to fight off the pandemic.

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