Want This System For Our Government Teachers Too!!


Kishtwar district in Jammu Kashmir will become the first district in the country, where the teachers will get their monthly salaries only after they get attestations from 10 parents and the village sarpanch. The parents and the sarpanch will have to certify that the teacher had attended the school and taught lessons to the students. This decision has been taken after complaints of high absenteeism among school teachers in the interior villages. The district officials videographed market places in major towns and found that many of the teachers, who should otherwise have been in schools, were doing shopping. The attendance registers showed them as present, but they were not in their schools. To prevent absenteeism, the new tough measure has been introduced. Also, the teachers have to obtain signatures from different set of parents every month so that there would not be any nexus among them.

Come to think of it! What will happen if the same rule is introduced in our Telugu states? Many teachers who are employing proxies in the schools and those who are busy doing chit fund and realty business, may have to wind up their non-teaching activities. Educational standards will definitely improve and the teachers will begin doing their duties in all earnestness.

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