WhatsApp Payment Launch Might Delay?


The much-awaited Watsapp Pay might get 2 months delay and the service might not be launched this year. Every bank has apps. Besides, Google Pay and Phone Pay have been recognized as legitimate paid apps. ‘

In an interview, NPCi chief executive Dilip Asbe said, “even after the launch of WhatsApp’s payment service, it will take at least two years to reduce the cash dominance in the economy. India is WhatsApp’s largest user base with over 30 crore active users, out of 150 crores global user base.”

This is practically implemented with some of the people who are good at it. Now it has begun but it is expected that it will take two years to make an impact on the economy. WhatsApp Pay services will be made available to more than 30 crore WhatsApp users across the country.