Why 4 Modi ministers got hair transplanted?


At least four Ministers in Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s cabinet have got hair transplantation done. Why? They were balding and were looking older. All these four ministers are said to be getting close to 70 year mark and are losing hair quite fast. They wanted to look young and active. So, they spent good amount of money to get hair planted on their heads. They are now looking younger and more attractive.

No… they are not courting some beautiful girl or have a out-of-marriage dalliance. They are worried that once they are 70, the BJP central leadership will ask them to step down from active politics and positions of power. They would be given other posts, but not those of power and position. So, these ministers, who are inching closer to 70 years of age are trying to look younger by getting hair transplants.

But, Modi and Shah are much more clever. They are not going to go by the looks of the politicians or by how dark their hair is. They are going to go by the date of birth as given in the certificates. So, a hair transplant or a hair dye may not really of much help for them.

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