Why No One Is Joining The BJP In AP?


The BJP may bring in big names into the party, poach the TDP and lure the Congressmen, but what about the popular support for it? If the membership statistics are any indication, the party still has a long way to go. While the membership campaign across the country is going great guns, the response at best is lukewarm in Andhra Pradesh.

So far, only 1.42 lakh members have been enrolled in Andhra Pradesh during the last three weeks. When approached, the people are questioning the party wworkers as to why they should take the membership of the party. Many are raising issues like the special status to the state and the fund allocation to Polavaram and Amaravati.

If the statistics are any indication, in about 150 constituencies, the membership has not crossed 1000 mark. In only six districts, the party membership has crossed 10000 mark. In the last membership drive, as many as 35 lakh members were recruited into the party. This time the central party wanted the state unit to raise the numbers by 20 per cent. This means, an additional seven lakh people should be made members of the party. But, till now, the membership has not crossed even two lakh.

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