Woman Assaults Hubby On Plane!


A Woman Passenger turned violent upon spotting her Husband watch other Women on social media. She not only yelled at her hubby but also thrashed him using a laptop. A flight attendant and a passenger were struck by the laptop when it bounced off the Man’s back during the assault. This incident happened on flight bound to reach Los Angeles from Miami Airport.

The Unruly Women was identified as Tiffany McLemore. Assault took place on an American Airlines Flight when it was about to take off.

Co-Passengers shot the video of the Woman’s Violent Behaviour and shared it online. In the viral video, The Woman was found yelling at her Husband, ‘Looking at other women’. When the Crew Members appealed her to calm down reminding there were children on the plane, She responded, ‘Yeah I know, I f***ing consoled the f***ing child’. When the Captain cautioned her about the assault charge on her, She replied: ‘Fine, Whatever’.

After the assault, The Married Couple were made to leave the aircraft taking the safety of other passengers into consideration. While the Man left to L.A taking the next flight, Details about the Woman aren’t known.

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