Work from Home module to continue in 2021 too?


Given the situations prevailing in the country due to the deadly outbreak of the novel Coronavirus, many IT companies in India asked the employees to Work From Home. The IT employees and other employees have been working from home since March last year.

Though WFH has posed some issues initially, it has become the new normal. Employes got used to the new format as they are able to manage office work as well as household chores.

With the WFH module, the productivity at work has increased which gave a sigh of hope for the employers who faced severe losses with the emergence of the Covid-19 pandemic followed by a series of lockdowns.

Now it is believed that a majority of companies are in the opinion of extending the Work From Home for the employees as it is beneficial for both employees and employers.

While the employers benefit from the productivity at work cloaked during the lockdown with Work From Home(WFH) and the expenses have also come down with the offices being shut.

On the other hand, the employees got relief from traveling long hours to reach the office and work for hours. They are now able to work from their houses and spend some time with their family members.

Now what we hear from the media reports is, the companies are in the opinion to extend the Work From Home module in the 2021 year too.

It has to be noted that many tech giants have extended the WFH to the employees earlier. More companies are expected to ask the employees to continue the module. More details are awaited in this regard. The clarity comes with the government issues an official statement.