Zero scorer turns astrophysicist, Sundar Pichai eulogize


Sundar Pichai the name does not need to be introduced, CEO of Google Sundar Pichai reacted to a tweet made by a girl. Sarafina Nance’s tweet has created quite a stir online because of an inspiring story it details. Nance tweeted, “4 years ago I got a 0 on a quantum physics exam. i met with my professor fearing i needed to change my major & quit physics. today, i’m in a top tier astrophysics Ph.D program & published 2 papers”.

Finally, the Tweet ends with motivational advice, STEM is hard for everyone-grades don’t mean you’re not good enough to do it. The young woman’s tweet impressed Pichai. Immediately in reply to the tweet, he tweeted a congratulatory note saying “Well said and so inspiring”. And the young women replied tweeting “thank you so much!!! this means the world!!.

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