BABY movie Review


baby-movieBABY Is Rare Combination Of Quality And Entertaining Cinema

Detailed Analysis:

Neeraj Pandey delivered a surprise hit ‘A Wednesday’ and then followed it with another amazing film ‘Special Chabbis’. This time he is back with a thriller starring Akshay Kumar and ensemble cast.

Filmtells us a story which has various subplots. It is a story told by Feroz Ali Khan (Danny) who heads a secret unit ‘Baby’. This unit has eliminated many terrorists and now their target is to stop one final group of terror attacks. Ajay (Akshay Kumar) is the one who is leading these operations and he stumbles upon a big plan of ISI when he captures Jamaal (Karan Anand) in Istanbul. Now how he gets to the top mastermind of this big plan Maulana Mohammad Rahman (Rasheed Naaz) forms the rest of the story.  In between Ajay has to overcome Javed (Sushant Singh), Bilaal (Kay Kay Menon) and few more deadly terrorists. Shukla (Anupam Kher) and Jai (Rana Daggubati) help Ajay out in this operation during final leg in Saudi Arabia. Priya (Taapsee Pannu) plays undercover officer who helps Ajay in Nepal. There is also brief role of Madhurima Tuli who plays wife of Ajay (there is no pint of revaling the turn of events of such a taut thriller).

Performance wise Akshay Kumar shows his growth as an actor and delivers an exceptional performance. He is never out of character even not for a single second and he never goes over the top. His subtle act deserves accolades and also proves a point that he should focus on quality than quantity of crap films which he ends up doing in between some genuinely good films. Film has numerous gem of supporting acts. Danny stands tall once again as a performer in the role of chief, Taapsee Pannu impresses in very brief role, Sushant Singh is hilariously good especially in that interrogation sequence, Anupam Kher is decent, Rana fits the bill, Kay Kay Menon is outstanding and Raseed Naaz leaves a mark. Debuatant Madhurima is strictly okay.

Film has one song ‘Beparwah’ in end credit and other song for hardly a minute. which is welcome change as far as tradition of forced songs in Bollywood is concerned. Editing is top notch but couple of sequences could had been shorter and cinematography is average. Background score by Sanjay is one shining plus point of the film and makes things even more thrilling for audience.

Story was good but tight screenplay and apt dialogues lift it. Art department and costume department are very good. And special words for the length of the film, 1st half is 1 hour long followed by 2nd half of 1 hour 38 minutes and that is why it does not seem that long once you get immersed in proceedings.

Director Neeraj Pandey deserves standing ovation as he dares to make authentic non compromising thriller with a commercial actor. He proves director is the king and content can change the face of cinema. This film should succeed for sake of quality and honest effort.

Film will release day after tomorrow  and will get 2800-3000 screens which will be good for such film. Film has very bright at box office as there is competition but no big film is there except mid size ‘Dolly Ki Doli’. ‘Baby’ should do roaring business in metros/multiplexes riding on glowing reviews and even single screen audience might like a rare quality treat.

Go for this one, a must watch fantastic film!


Akshay Kumar delivers best performance of his career

kick ass climax

excellent performances from supporting cast

Neeraj Pandey proves his mettle as director yet again

amazing background score

apt writing


15 minutes too long


Watch it for edge of the seat realistic thrill experience