Chandi Movie Review


chandi-movie-reviewTitle : Chandi(2013)
Star Cast : Priyamani, Krishnam Raju, Ashish Vidhyarthi
Director : V.Samudra
Producer : Sreenu Babu G
Music : Chinna
Releasing on : Nov 8, 2013.

Tollywood geeks are still crazy about woman centric films. Mantra, Arundathi, Pavitra were some examples. Experiments keep on happening. After loosing glamour roles Priya Mani has diverting towards woman centric film roles. She proved her caliber through movies like Sadhyam and Kshetram. Now she is coming as Chandi on this Friday 08 Nov 2013.

Let us have a look on this film’s highlights ..

Prime attraction of Chandi Telugu Movie would be Priyamani. Promo pics reveal that her role has been crafted as like a Hero.

It seems that Punch dialogues and sword fights have been done excellently by her.

Film unit says she has done all fights on her own and not used any duplicates.

Krishnam Raju and Sarath Kumar have great padding support in Chandi.

Samudri is fascinated to deal these type of stories. He has not enjoyed any hit for so long. He is trying to prove himself with this movie.

This story relates to many generations. It is learnt that the story is about a woman’s fight against SEZ, government and land grabbers.

This movie is also planned for remake to Hindi, subject to success in Tollywood.

Chandi Movie Review:

Popular South Indian actress Priyamani has already starred in a few female-centric movies like Kshetram and Chaarulatha and is successful in impressing the Telugu audience. Exactly one year after the release of Chaarulatha, she has now made her comeback to Tollywood with her latest woman-oriented movie Chandi (Chandee). Let us see how the movie is.

Story :

Chandi (Priyamani) is a powerful and talented young lady who is well versed in the art of combat. She is handled by a guy named Azad (Sarath Kumar) and together, they hunt down some government officials and political leaders. The helpless Police Department turns to the CBI for help and Nagababu comes in as a special officer to tackle the case.

During the course of investigation, some shocking truths are revealed about Chandi. The young lady has a violent and tragic past. She belongs to the village of Krishnapatnam and her father is Ashok Gajapathi Raju (Krishnam Raju). They belong to the Alluri dynasty.

The village of Krishnapatnam and Ashok Gajapathi Raju’s family are destroyed by the evil Minister (Ashish Vidyarthi), as they stand in the way of some lucrative mines.

How this young lady turns into Chandi and avenges the destruction of her family is what the movie is all about.

Plus Points :

Chandi is a revenge drama, which has all commercial elements to impress the mass audience. Priyamani’s electrifying performance is the main highlight in the movie.

Krishnam Raju looks regal as Ashok Gajapathi Raju. Priyamani looks good in a few scenes. Posani manages to tickle the funny bone in one or two scenes.

Minus Points :

‘Chandi’ is a text book example of how not to make a film. When a national award winning actress like Priyamani finds herself in such a mindless mess, one can’t help but feel sad. There is absolutely no logic or conviction in the narration.

Samudra’s direction is very bad. Dialogues are terrible and cheesy. There is no entertainment quotient at all, save for a few scenes involving Posani. Sarath Kumar and Vinod Kumar have been wasted in poorly written roles. Ashish Vidyarthi is made to look foolish in the film.

There is no emotional conviction in the film. Despite issues like land grabbing etc, the scenes do not make any impact on viewers. The famous anthyakshari scene from ‘Gabbar Singh’ has been destroyed in the film. Poor Harish Shankar will have a heart attack if he sees how the scene has been used in this movie.

The film’s pace is quite slow and boredom sets in quite early. Poor placement of songs just adds to the misery.

Technical Aspects :

Cinematography of the film is very mediocre. Editing is not up to the mark as there are jump cuts in the film and transitions are not smooth. Music and background score are very bad and do not help the film in any way.

Samudra’s direction is the biggest drawback for the film. There is neither entertainment nor serious political drama in the film.

Verdict :

‘Chandi’ is an avoidable flick. The tagline of the film is ‘The Power of Woman’. But it should have been ‘The Power of Torture’. Poor direction, weak screenplay, bad dialogues and atrocious placement of songs just make this film unbearable.

Chandi Movie Live Updates – First Day First Show:


Updated at 12:47 PM

After finishing off the villains and serving a jail term, Chandi joins a political party and becomes a leader! !! Climax. ..

Updated at 12:39 PM

Priyamani and Sarath Kumar are fighting together… looks like the movie is heading for a climax..

Updated at 12:32 PM

Absolutely zero clarity… story is moving round and round in circles, without going forward….

Updated at 12:20 PM

Krishnam Raju garu is hacking off the bad guys with a biiiggggg sword… a fight sequence is on now…

Updated at 12:10 PM

The ‘Alluri Seetharama Raju’ song is on now…

Updated at 12:05 PM

Land acquisition scam is the main theme of the film now..

Updated at 11:50 AM

Story has entered flashback mode. .. Rebel Star Krishnam Raju garu has come in as Ashok Gajapathi Raju..

Updated at 11:29 AM

Priyamani has donned the costume of Ammavaru and killed off a corrupt police officer.. Interval!

Updated at 11:15 AM

Heights of ‘creativity’.. the anthyakshari scene from ‘Gabbar Singh’ is on now but with a small change… this time, the cops are singing and the goons are enjoying the show….. atrociously shot..

Updated at 11:10 AM

Posani Krishna Murali comes in as Gabbar Singh, 2 town SI .. looks like the actor did not dub for the film…

Updated at 11:04 AM

Ali comes in as lover boy Cherry… Thagubothu Ramesh comes in as liquor boy… o

Updated at 10:56 AM

Priyamani has assumed the role of Robin Hood… She is fighting for the rights of the poor… Sarath Kumar is handling her and giving her tasks…. time for the second song “Apple laa untadhi”… it is an item song and Ashish Vidyardhi has been introduced in this song

Updated at 10:45 AM

Nagababu has come in as a CBI officer…. barbarious dialogue “Police department CC camera lantidi..kanapadithe pattukuntundhi…CBI metal detector lantidi..kanapadakapoyna pattukuntundi”

Updated at 10:39 AM

Tamil star Sarath Kumar and Satyam Rajesh have come in… Priyamani is training like an athlete for some purpose.. unexpectedly, the song ‘Chal Chal’ has come… ‘creative’ placement….

Updated at 10:35 AM

Hello folks… we are bringing you live updates from Chandi…. the movie has just started… Priyamani has been introduced as Chandi… a violent sequence involving Vinod Kumar has just taken place