Damaal Dumeel Aka Damaal Dumeel Movie Review


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Cast : Vaibhav, Ramya Nambeesan, Kota Sreenivasa Rao, Sayaje Shinde
Director : Shree
Music :
Thaman SS
Production : C J Jayakumar
Rating : 2.5/5

Hollywood is known for films which are happening in just one day and recently we have seen Chimbu Devan’s OKMK  which followed the similar pattern, debut director Sree’s Dumal Dumeel is also a film which is set in one day and how things get a U turn in the life of a ordinary IT employee MoneyKandan (Vaibhav) who even changed his name original Manikandan because of numerology. One fine day MoneyKandan and his close friend lose their job as they are a part of all top projects which eventually become disasters for the company.

Frustrated Moneykandan reaches his home and looking for another job as his sister’s marriage is on cards. All of a sudden someone knocks his door and he finds a box outside which contains 5 crores of money. Moneykandan decides to run away to a foreign country with the 5 crores but things turn ugly when the goons of Ilavarasu(Kota Sreenivasa Rao) and Kamatchi (Sayaje Shinde) who wrongly kept the money come to Moneykandan’s flat to enquire , what happens next? How Vaibhav handles the situation? To know the answer watch it in the big screen.

Debut director Sree must be lauded for making a film with a run time of 1 hour 58 minutes and also for not including unnecessary songs, the director is having a great sense of humor and it was well evident in the scenes involving Kota Sreenivasarao and the goons’ episode in Vaibhav’s flat.

The dialogues evoke good laughter and it constantly brings glee on our face, also many scenes gives racy feel to the film but the problem with Damal Dumeel is that the director failed to score in emotional sequences, for example the scene where Vaibhav loses his job and quarrels with his company’s heads it didn’t create any sympathy on him also another emotional sequence where Vaibhav speaking to Ramya Nambeesan’s father on a separation for one year also falls flat , both the dialogues and lead actor’s expression in those scenes doesn’t create the right impact. As we couldn’t feel for the lead actor, even the well made scenes which are meant to give thrilling feel falls flat but not to forget that Vaibhav has scored well in all comic portions in the film and it appears to be very natural.

Dumal Dumeel’s biggest strength is Kota Sreenivasa rao , whenever the actor utters a dialogues he brings the roof down and as usual his dialogues, mannerisms are sheer brilliance. Sayaje Shinde is another brilliant casting; his conversation with Kota Sreenivasa rao in climax is hilarious.

Coming to the technicalities, another big positive aspect about the film is Thaman’s BGM which is perfect and gives the pulsating feel. Cinematography by Edwin Sakay is adequate and gives a grand feel to the film, also editing by Paramesh Krishna is racy.

Overall Dumal Dumeel gives you good fun right from the beginning, if the director concentrated on the emotional sequences and apt expressions from the lead actors then the film would have been ended as one of its kind in Tamil cinema.