Gouravam Review


Movie :Gouravam (2013)
Star Cast : Allu Sirish, Yami Gautam, Prakash Raj
Director : Radha Mohan
Producer : Prakash Raj
Genre : Drama
Music : S. Thaman
Release date : April 19, 2013.

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Sirish’s launch pad film Gouravam that earned good publicity has hit the big-screens today on april 19. Allu Sirish, Yami Goutham played the lead roles in the film while Prakash Raj, Nassar, Sri Charan, Anupama Kumar, Kumaravel played prominent roles. Checkout the performances of the cast via Gouravam film review.

Director Radha Mohan and actor-turned-producer Prakash Raj have already worked together in five movies in Telugu and Tamil. Now, they are up with their sixth outing Gouravam and they have selected a fresh face Allu Sirish, the brother of Allu Arjun for it. The trio makes sure that they rock you with a hard hitting social drama, which is embedded with good story and excellent performance.


Arjun a son of a rich man goes to a village SM.Palli in search of his friend Shankar, only to find he was missing and no one is aware of his whereabouts. To the top of it he only gets snubs and glares when he tries to find out the secret behind his friend’s disappearance and even gets warned from village head Pasupaty (Prakash Raj) aides. But he never budges and with the help of a lawyer Yamini and his friends when he tries to get deep into the disappearance he finds out shocking truths. What are the truths should be enjoyed on big theaters.


This guy should be commended for choosing an unconventional subject for his debut movie despite coming from a big family. But his efforts on screen do not score any good marks. He is totally clueless in emoting required emotions. And also struggled a lot in dances and fights. He still seemed an unfinished product.

Yami Gautam looks cute but has no scope for performance or too ooze with glamor

Prakash Raj looks apt but has nothing much to do. Suspense element in the film is good. The guy who acted as Prakash Raj’s son has done a superb job. Brahmaji and L B Sriram are good.

Technical Departments:

Preetha’s beautiful cinematography village atmosphere well, well choreographed action and dance and a few sentimental scenes are other attractions of the movie.Thaman’s back ground score is ok. Radha Mohan as always came up with a intriguing subject. But he failed miserably in projecting it.

Characterizations were not perfect some of them looked overboard and some looked totally under used. There are no scenes which establish the ill effects of casteism or the rivalry between the two groups. And like in his previous movies, the commercial elements are totally zero.

Plus Points:

Novel subject
Background Score
Prakash Raj
Final twist

Minus Points:

Weak script
Weak Screenplay, Direction
Poor Characterizations
Long First Half
Interval Bang
Slow Pace
Lack of Romance, Comedy

Final Analysis:

The movie deals with a universal problems – the issue of honour killing and it also throws light on discrimination and caste system, which is still prevailing in the country even after 60 years of its independence. Radha Mohan, who has penned the story and screenplay besides direction, has clubbed creativity with commerce. He has nicely blended a love story into this serious subject. He has also included some action scenes to suit the taste of young audience.

Although it is a message-oriented movie, Gouravam is not preachy. It is quite entertaining and encouraging for youth. At times, some emotional scenes are dragging and they might bore some section of viewers.

Director Radha Mohan planned to set the theaters on fire by raking the burning topic of honor killing with mega hero on debut. In the process Allu Sirish debut went wasted as the film lacks romance, comedy or commercial elements which are essential for the success of the film. If one gives him benefit of doubt that the film will appeal to A class viewers, even there there are loopholes.

Honor killings are not properly highlighted, Prakash Raj’s villainism did not reach the high standards, slow pace of the film kills interest giving it a documentary look. Allu Sirish needs lot of grooming and his other talents like romantic and dancing expressions are yet to be tested. Picturisation of the song ‘cheyi cheyi kalupu’ is not perfect and shows the lack of vision for the director.

Final Word: Overall Gouravam Movie is low pace, too much melodrama. Allu Sirish done decent job with his debut gouravam.Except for the intent, there is nothing good about the movie. Box office prospect is highly doubtable.