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Greeku Veerudu  is directed by director Dasarth who earlier directed Nagarjuna’s super hit film Santhosham. Dasarath has high regard for clean comedy emotional family entertainers teamed up with Nagarjuna for the second time. Greeku Veerudu is also getting released in Tamil at the same time as Love Story. SS Thaman who is known for delivering commercial mass albums scored the music for Nagarjuna’s movie after “Ragada” for the second time.

Nagarjuna plays three different shades in the movie as class, mass and family person. Makers of the movie first titled “Love Story” for Telugu version and later changed it to “Greeku Veerudu”. Explaining the reason director said if they name the movie Love Story audience might think it’s a love a story between hero and heroine but since the movie is a whole some entertainer we thought Greeku Veerudu is more apt for the story.

Nagarjuna is hoping to get back on to success track with Greeku Veerudu Review success since his previous film did not run well. Nag tried a different look in this film. Posters and trailers released so far received positive response for his new look.

Here is the Greeku Veerudu Review from overseas first premiere show:

  • Hi Folks We are now Bringing you the Live updates of Greeku Veerudu movie.
  • The movie has just began..It seems to be huge Nag Fans waiting for NAG GV..
  • Movie starts with a song,Excellent dance moves by King Nagarjuna
  • Nag entry like a 25 yr old guy with his new spikes and french beard
  • Brahmi with his typical mannerisms – Whole theater is in laughs
  • Nagarjuna doesnt like relationships and dialogues justifying his stand are good
  • Nayantaras entrance is simple but beautiful shot near statue of liberty,she is a doctor by profession
  • Chandu the character name of Nagarjuna in the movie has very interesting dialogues at relationships,marriages and women
  • Few comedy scenes between Brahmi and Meera Chopra
  • Movie takes a serious turn here..
  • A series of events in his business makes Nagarjuna travel to India to sort out the things
  • Nagarjuna meets lead lady Nayantara at the airport…some interesting scenes between the couple.They travel together to India
  • Taagubothu Ramesh as Taxi Driver brings laughs with his funny entrance
  • Sir ostar ostaraa parody on MS Narayana and Kovai Sarala,brings in heavy laughter in the audio
  • Now its time for 2nd song O Naadu Washington lo,Nag continues to amaze with new steps
  •  The 2 songs till now were picturised very well with some great dance moves from King
  • Nagarjuna lies everyone about his relationship with Nayantara… 
  • The lead pair enacts that they are in a relation,series of events follow and Nayan falls for Nag
  • 3rd song the super hit Yevvaru Lerani,high on tragedy
  • A fight scene simple not so heavy but powerful
  • Darshan trademark emotional scenes going on
  • Nagarjuna reveals the truth to Viswanath,twist in the Nag and Nayan relation
  • *************Intermission **********
  • half starts with a bit of variation in Heros characterisation compared to 1st half
  • 4th song Ne vinnadi nijamena , shot in beautiful locations Nagarjuna Looks Great.The visuals are extra ordinary and the production house efforts are clearly seen
  • Twist..Entry of Meera Chopra in the 2nd half ..She reveals few things about King to Nayantara
  • Scenes between Nag and Viswanath..Its on relationships and its importance in life
  • Time for some more comedy..this time between Nayan and Brahmi.. big laughs all around
  • Now Massy massy Osi na bangaaram song ,well choreographed. Again…Choreography has been one of the major asset in the movie till now
  • Heart touching,emotional scenes Dasaradhs mark with very good dialogues
  • A very well written climax,Nagarjuna returns back to India along with Nayan,that ends the movie on a happy note


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