Hum Tum (Telugu) Movie Review


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Manish, Simran, Nikhil Chakravarthy, Aishwarya, MS Narayana…
Director: Ram Bimana
Music: Mahathi
Producer : M.Siva Rami Reddy

The story goes like this. Hum Tum a Television programme interviews the people who are achieving great things in their fields. Fashion designer Pallavi (Simran) gets invited to the programme where starts narrating her inspiration in college life. Pallavi gets attracted to Charan (Manish) in the instance in her college life and starts falling behind him. But Charan has other plans to full fill. Taking him as inspiration she learns everything and even turns out to be college topper by the end of her college life. Even then things in-between them never takes a serious turn. In the meanwhile Shyaam (Nikhil) gets interferes between them and starts making his moves to attract Pallavi.

How two unacquainted souls are entwined into one and set to seek love between them. Is there any miracle of love and happiness in the air? Do they express their love? Will this love survive? Will this be the beginning of the end? Forms the rest of the storyline.

This movie could be listed as worst possible start for a debut director. The execution of the movie also doesn’t give the movie a platform to have a stand. Not just the direction, but also the script, which is just eighty percent of SMS comedy and twenty percent of non-sense love story. Dialogues leave not much of an impact on us. The climax is a disappointment [where he failed to connect the dots between Charan and Pallavi]. What makes awry of the climax is logic less and hurried narration, Where Manish gets his examination result -on the same day he gets selected for ISB – in few hours Family leaves to Delhi to make him join in ISB. The two things worth a mention are the below average music by Mahati and the cinematography by Siva Kumar. Make Up by CH Koteshwara Rao is very bad. Especially Simran’s make up in the first half just spoils the mood with over oily stuff. Editing by Nandamuri Hari could have been crispier. Production values in the film are good.

Manish looks life less throughout the movie. He sure does look good but his acting looks kinda unnatural and forced. Simran wears a blank look. She needs to work on her style as well as acting. Nikhil fails to make a mark with his performance. Dharmavarapu Subrahmanyam tried hard to even make serious scenes funny, but falls flat. The audience cannot connect with the lead characters. The Jr. Posani and Jr. ANR spoof just an added tint of comedy to the movie and perform quite okay. Rest of the characters like Nagineedu, AVS, Gundu Hanumanth Rao, Kondavalasa and Subhashini are wasted. What exactly are they doing the movie is still a mystery.

First of all I don’t know how the hell this film could be chosen for a Valentines Day release as you walk out the theatre feeling like you were just robbed, and your Valentines Day spirit just went out the window. There is nothing special to mention in this film. Overall, there is nothing in Hum Tum that warrants a trip to the nearby theatres. A Huge Disappointment.