Karthi Bad Boy Movie Review


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Release Date:  22-03-2013
Movie: Bad Boy (2013)
Cast: Karthik Sivakumar (Karthi), Anushka Shetty
Director:  Suraj
Producer: K.E. Gnanavelraja
Music:  Sunny M.R

Tamil Star Karthi‘s forthcoming action entertainer ‘Bad Boy‘ movie is all set to ready for hit the screens on March 22. It is the Tamil dubbed version of ‘Alex Pandian‘. Anushka playing female lead role, while Santhanam, Nikhitha Thukral, Sanusha play pivotal roles in this film. Movie Directed by Suraj and Bellamkonda Suresh bagged Telugu version rights of this movie. Sound Track composed by DSP and cinematography by Saravanan.


A routine tale the story begins with Bad Boy (karthi) who comes to a village to meet his cousin (santhanam) and his sisters (nikita, sanusha, akanksha). Here, Karthi gets into a tussle with the local baddies and the fight doesn’t stop there. Two more groups led by two other baddies (milind soman, suman) come in search for Bad Boy Karthi. There is news that Karthi has actually kidnapped the CM’s daughter (anushka). What happens from there forms the rest of the story.


Karthi looked good and he has put in loads of energy for the mass entertainer. His efforts in doing the risky stunts in the early half was worth mentioning. However, his work has gone in vain due to the uninteresting screenplay. Anushka looked gorgeous and she has got a limited role restricted to songs most of the time. She is hardly seen in the first half. Santhanam is the saving grace for the film. Karthi-Santhanam’s scenes have worked well in the first half. However, Santhanam’s double-entendres will not entertain family audiences. Milind Soman and Suman are okay. Others were adequate.

Technical Analysis:

Saravanan’s cinematography is classy and top-class, Devi Sri Prasad’s songs are good while the background score is loud at times. Editing is inconsistent and patchy, Suraj’s direction is just okay while the screenplay is illogical and predictable, dialogues are double meaning ones, though one-liners are entertaining to an extent. Production Values are lavish.

Plus Points:

Karthi Performance

Anushka looked gorgeous

comedy entertaining scenes between Karthi and Santhanam

Devi Sri Prasad’s Music

Minus Points:

Second Half

weak screenplay, direction

Slow Narration of the movie, Weak Climax


Finally, it is a good treat for both and class audience and it is a must watch film for the Karthi fans.Go and enjoy the movie in this weekend.