Mr Manmadha Movie Review


mr-manmadha-reviewMovie: Mr Manmadha
Cast: Krishnudu, Sonia Deepti, Deepika Das, Amith, Raja Sreedhar, Kondavalasa, Kadhambari Kiran, Vijay, Allari Subhasini, Melkote
Producer: Mallela Sitaramaraju, Gundlakunta Sriramulu
Director: Satyam Bellamkonda
Music: Navaneeth Chari
Release Date: 29th Mar 2013 Rating : 2.75/5

Telugu actor Krishnudu and actress Sonia Deepti hogged the limelight with director Sai Kiran Adivi movie Vinayakudu. Their on-screen chemistry was one of the main highlight and impressed the film goers. Taking a cue from director Satyam Bellamkonda has roped this successful combo for his latest directorial venture Mr Manmadha, which has an interesting subject with a hilarious comedy.

Mr Manmadha Story:

Mr Manmadha is romantic comedy movie with a few commercial elements to entertain you. Krishnudu and Sonia’s performances are the main attraction in the film. Navaneeth Chari’s music, Aarif Lalaani’s camera work, Satyam Bellamkonda’s interesting narration, Bashaa Sri’s dialogues and funny one liners and Ramachander Singh’s art work are its other highlights. Several movies have been made in Telugu on youth-centric subject and Mr Manmadha is latest edition to this list. But what makes this film different from others is the treatment of the subject.

The movie deals with the story of three pairs and it also throws light on the internet love stories. It is all about what sort of qualities young girls and boys of present generation look for in their soul-mates.

The hero wishes that his girlfriend should love and respect the Telugu culture. Whereas the heroine thinks it is okay even if her would-be husband does not have a six pack, but he should be rich and have a house, car, good bank balance and salary. How these two individuals find the partner has been told in an entertaining way.

Besides direction, Satyam Bellamkonda has also penned story and screenplay for Mr Manmadha. His subject is simple and old, but his treatment and narration make it interesting watch.
Stars Performances in Mr Manmadha:
Krishnudu has a tailor-made role in Manmadha and he has given good performance that fits his role. He rocks you in all kinds of sequences like comedy, romantic and sentimental.
Sonia Deepti has a good scope for her role and she has also delivered wonderful acting. What impresses you more is her dialogue delivery and straight-forward nature.
Deepika Das has lesser screen presence when compared to Sonia and she has tried her best to show her acting skills.
Others like Amith, Rajasreedhar, Kondavalasa, Kadhambari Kiran, Vijay, Allari Subhasini and Melkote have also done justice to their respective roles.
Technicalities in Mr Manmadha
Navaneeth Chari’s music is the main highlight in the technical front. All his composition are trendy and melodious to listen. His background score is also good.
Aarif Lalaani’s cinematography is the second attraction in the technical department. Especially, his picturisation in song sequence is good.
Bashaa Sri’s trendy lyrics and funny dialogues and Ramachander Singh’s art directions are other big strengths of Mr Manmadha. Nagireddy’s editing is also commendable.
Final Say about Mr Manmadha:
Overall, Mr Manmadha has good performance and sound production values and it is good entertainer for this weekend. Don’t miss to watch it, if you are fan of Krishnudu.
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