Na Sami Ranga Movie Review, Rating


naa-sami-ranga-reviewMovie:Na Sami Ranga

Star cast: Dileep, Saikumar Pampana, Priyanka
Producer: Ch.Kiran Kumar Reddy, 

Director: Subramanyam Pacha

What Is Good: Comedy and Dialogues in parts, Technicality in limited budget and Cinematography

What Is Bad: Script, Old narrative style, Storyline and dragged First Half

Boring Scenes: Over usage of Naa Saami Ranga by Prithvi in the second half.

Watch It or Not?: No unless you are adult comedy fan.

Na Sami Ranga Review: Story

Seenu (Dileep), Ravi (Sai) , Shiva (Sree Tej) and Rani Rudrama Devi (Priyanka) are intermediate friends. Seenu and Rani fall in love, But Rani’s father Krishnadevaraya (Prithvi) opposes to their love. Meanwhile, Maaya (Yasaswini) likes the trio’s happy life style and joins their group. One day Maaya finds herself in a trouble and shares the issue with Shiva. Trio trying to solve her problem accidentally meet International Don Salim (Asish Vidyarthi). The rest of the story is all about how they escape from Salim and make him realize the importance of life.

Na Sami Ranga Review: StarPerformances

Sai (Eerojjullo fame) is successful in making the second half better with his successful comic timing. But all his effort gone awry with a pathetic script. Priyanka and Yasaswi look cute, but they have nothing much to do other than pretty and sad looks. Dileep and Sree Teja are middling in the lead roles. There dialogue delivery could have been better, most of their dialogues are like yelling out at the audiences at the top of their voices. Prithvi and Jeeva characters are good in parts.

Na Sami Ranga ReviewDirection, Music & Technical Aspects

Director Subramanyam Pacha’s Na Saami Ranga has been made on age old recipe that was in Vogue some time back, used to make brainless masala entertainers. Here’s the ingredients A friends gang, Live in City, One of them has a girl friend, Another gets the second female lead, but trying to solve a problem they create another problem, Then comes the villain who will be taught a lesson from the friends gang in the climax. Which will even include forced sidekicks, item song, confusions and end with villains confession. Audience will be thinking what was script writer and director thinking when they were making logic-less buffoonery that lacks credible storyline. Na Saami Ranga is a classic example of taking viewer for granted. Logics in the second half totally go haywire with Salim’s character like; rather escaping from the Don actors stay with him for Ten days with out any escape attempt (Making him realize the importance of life), No one recognizes Don in International Airport without any make over.. etc. Bal reddy’s visuals look grand but Agastya’s music is very ordinary. First two songs are completely out of sync. Item Song Machu Maa is good, even choreography is promising for that song. Dialogues by Dinakar Talapaneni, Praveen Murala, Ganesh Sunkara and Jaji are funny in parts. Like, Grahalu Anukulinchanappudu Graham Bell ki kuda phone dorakadhu, Devudi Kosam Balidanam kanna Mekkaku inko moksham em untundi, Baada ante pai nunchi karuthundi – Baayam ante kindi nunchi etc. Editing by Upendra could have been crispier in the first half. Being a small budgeted film Na Saami Ranga has provided good technical standards with a budget of 1 crore.

Na Sami Ranga ReviewAnalysis

There is no point in looking for logic in a youthful comedy entertainer. But if movie takes a lot of time settle a simple point? Then its really tests your patience. Naa Saami Ranga has the point that was missing in recent Waiting For You and Romance type movies, Funny Lines and Good comedy in parts. On the whole, Naa Saami Ranga is One missed chance, which could be funny in parts strictly for adult comedy fans.

Bottom Line : No unless you are adult comedy fan.