Nenem Chinna Pillana Movie Review


Title : Nenem Chinna Pillana(2013)
Star Cast : Rahul Ravindran, Tanvi Vyas, Suman,….
Director : Sunil Kumar Reddy
Producer : D.Rama Naidu
Music : M M Sreelekha
Releasing on : Nov 8, 2013.

Nenem Chinna Pillana Preview :

Nenem Chinna Pillana is directed by P.Susheel Kumar Reddy. He is known in Telugu Film Industry as Award Films Director. He had earlier received appreciations by Film critics for believing in his story and creating a Off-beat movie. His films ‘Sonta Vooru’ and ‘Ganga Putrulu’ have received awards. Later he created romantic crime and youthful films to transform into a commercial director. That’s how he was invited by Sri. Ramanaidu’s Suresh Productions. Nenem Chinna Pillana will be on silver screen this Friday, i.e 08 Nov 13. Shall we look at the highlights of this movie ?

Audience expect strong storied films from Ramanaidu. Film unit proudly say that this movie carries a powerful story. But this time youth has also been targeted, it seems.

Tanvi is being introduced as a Heroine through Nenem Chinna Pillana. ‘Andala Raakshahi’fame Rahul is hero.

The story revolves around a village girl who thinks ‘Its my life’. Unexpectedly she had to travel to Sweden. The changes taken place due to transformation of a village girl to a modern one is shown. The story also rotates around the friendship between her and Krish.

Director declares that family bonding, affections exchanged in a county side, relations have been explicitly displayed on the screen.

Nenem Chinna Pillana Movie Review:

Family entertainers, predictable storylines, lead characters understanding the people around them and living with them – this has become the flavor of the season and many directors are getting in that zone to register a HIT. The audience gets bored at times and at all times they embrace such storylines. No harm in dishing these stories as long as they offer oodles of entertainment and give some baggage to be carried home – comical or emotional. Nenem Chinna Pillana does the same and in the process it crosses paths with many films that were hallmark of this genre.

This is the story of Swapna (Tanvi Vyas) and her definition of freedom. She doesn’t believe in attachments and always want to go free. This is established in the first scene when she rejects a person preaching him the importance of freedom. She moves to Sweden under the pretext of doing MBA (God knows how a teenager gets admission in a one year MBA course) and meets Krissh (Rahul Ravindran) who does many odd jobs. He is a one-stop solution for all the needs and his service comes with a price tag of 5 Euros. Luckily, Swapna finds her alter ego in Krissh. They attend a family function at Swapna’s house in her hometown and all the trouble starts there. The second half is all about Swapna and Krissh learning the essence of life and getting to know each other amid the pervasive melodrama.

Director Sunil Kumar Reddy takes utmost care to make a visually-appealing film laced with songs and emotions. The first half shot in Sweden looks picturesque in postcard-ish locations. He handles the tonal shifts with precision but the story travels on a by-lane after interval. The first half passes like a gentle breeze and the second half is a bit heavy.

The performances of the supporting cast are top-notch but the lead pair fails to create the much needed aura with their acting skills. Although he over-acts at times, Rahul Ravindran is good as a playful kid. When he gets into the emotional mold he couldn’t carry his role with poise. Tanvi Vyas checks all the buttons of glamour. The mix and match of costumes makes her look pretty. Again, just looking beautiful won’t do the trick. You need to know when to press the right button to deliver an apt expression. Sanjana falls prey to a poorly etched character.

L B Sriram is mediocre with his Telugu to English translated maxim and Tagubhotu Ramesh in his limited role makes it a laugh riot with his antics. The sub-plots of Ali, Venu Madhav and JP doesn’t offer much laughs and also digresses the narration from the core.

M M Srilekha’s music is soothing and Kallalo Nuvve is the best of the pack. Sabu James canned the Swedish locales uber perfectly and the Marriage Song is glistening through his camera lens.

Nenem Chinna Pillana is a breezy entertainer replete with melodrama. The dialogues are good at places and the production design takes sweats it out to make the template glossier. The songs are placed properly. The second half would have been better and balanced if the director spaced it out with some decent comedy alongside the emotional trajectory.