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Title :Toofan
Star Cast : Ram Charan, Priyanka Chopra…
Director : Apoorva Lakhia
Producer : Reliance Entertainments
Genre : Action – Romance
Music : Meet Bros Anjjan,Chirantan Bhatt,Anand Raj Anand
Release Date : September 06, 2013.
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Bollywood debut of popular Tollywood actor Ram Charan in the lead role along with Priyanka Chopra in the lead roles starrer upcoming Bollywood action entertainer is Toofan. Versatile actor Prakesh Raj and Sanjay Dutt are playing a major role in this film. The movie has done its censor screening and got ‘U/A’ certificate. Anand Raj Anand, Meet Brothers and Chirantan Bhatt are the music directors to this movie. Mahi’s Entertainment
Puneet Prakash Mehra, Sumeet Prakash Mehra and Flying Turtle Films are jointly producing it under Reliance Entertainment and Prakash Mehra Productions Flying Turtle Films. The movie is going to hit the screens on Sept 6th.


Vijay is a brutally honest police officer who has been transferred yet again by the system for chasing the corrupt underworld goons. He is in charge of a case where the key eye witness [Mala] has seen a murder by [Teja]‘s Gang and refuses to co-operate. Teja (Prakesh Raj) is the head of an oil mafia operation and doesn’t want Ria alive. Vijay manages to convince Ria to give a statement which makes her perpetrators come after her.

He gives her shelter in his house to protect her and soon realizes that she is slowly becoming an important part of his life. He also encounters [Sher Khan] who is into buying and selling of illegal cars. Seeing Vijay’s honesty and determination, Sher Khan (Sanjay Dutt) turns over a new leaf and mends his ways to transform into a person. The remaining story will be suspense.

About the director:

Apoorva Lakhia is directing this film. He has a good image in Bollywood, his movies looks very stylish and realistic they are close to attract all type of audience, This is an action entertainer. Apoorva Lakhia is called as an action director in B-town.

About the first look and trailer:

By seeing the first look poster of this movie only the expectations become very high. Actually this is a remake of Big-B old Toofan. Going to the trailer details looks, the trailer looks soo energetic in this movie, the trailer makes everyone remembering the past Toofan movie.

About the music director:

Anand Raj Anand, Meet Brothers and Chirantan Bhatt are the music directors to this movie, they have given a good album and this is already rocking in the market. Some of the songs like “Mumbai Ke Hero”, ” Pinky “, ” Lamha Tera Mera” and ” Kaatilana (Club Mix)” will surely rock the screen.

About the other cast crew of the movie:

There is a big cast in this movie they are Ram Charan as ACP Vijay Khanna, Priyanka Chopra as Mala, Sanjay Dutt as Sher Khan, Prakash Raj as Teja, Mahie Gill as Mona Darling, Atul Kulkarni as Jaydev

Highlights of this movie:

– The powerful dialogues of Ram charan in the movie will be highlight.

– The scenes between Ram Charan and Prakash Raj will be highlight.

– Apoorva Lakhia ’s stylish Direction.

– Music will be the highlight

– climax scenes

– Priyanka chopra Pinky song will be the highlight.

– Sunjay Dutt as Sher Khan acting.

Toofan 2013 Movie Review:

It’s a confronting assignment to restructure the old drama with the same zeal, which pressed the audience to throw out their money for a seat in cinemas. In the past there have been flicks like Don and Agneepath, which stood up to the expectations while Aag and Himmatwala fell upon its face badly. Apporva Lakhria takes the 1973 ‘Zanjeer’ to create the same aura out of the flick that made the legendary actor Amitabh Bachchan ‘The
angry young man’.

What we anticipated from the director was sheer maintenance of the old world charm with the fresh troupe of Ram, Priyanka and Sanjay but director stumbled here. Mala here isn’t a street dancer nor is Teja an underworld don. With these couple of changes, director Apoorva Lakhria presents you the Toofan. We aren’t complaining any new addition to the story as it’s a known fact that it’s a remake, which begins with Vijay (Ram Charan) an
honest police officer who is deployed in Mumbai to unearth the oil mafia Teja (Prakash Mehra).

Here he is also handed over a case of an official who is burnt alive by oil mafia’s goons whose sole witness is Mala (Priyanka Chopra). In the meantime, he also faces Sher Khan (Sanjay Dutt) who deals in illegal cars. But the enmity turns into friendship after a hand-to-hand combat between the two. Sher Khan helps Vijay to detect Teja and to destroy him from the roots. Unfortunately the crime saga isn’t wrenching which moves you from

Apoorva Lakhria pack all the masala ingredients into it but gives a half-baked recipe. You will find n number of loopholes in the flick but the anticipation to witness Sanjay Dutt as Sher Khan would rag you to stick in. The sole purpose to rope in Sanjay Dutt could be recognised by the fact that Agneepath was huge success where he played a devilish Kaancha. Vijay’s anguish attitude impresses you for a while but for long it doesn’t makes you serious.

However there are a couple of actions scenes, which are nicely choreographed and Ram Charan looks good in it. The South actor looks commanding. He has the aura to make one feel his strength. He gives a balanced performance. Priyanka Chopra hangs in her role of Mala. She sparkles the screen with her charm whenever she appears but doesn’t get too much to deliver. Sanjay Dutt as Sher Khan shouldn’t be compared with Late actor Pran. He invents his character and doesn’t go overboard. Prakash Raj makes his character larger than it is. Mahie Gill is good.

 Final Say:

Director Should have taken care in narration and Charaterisation of Sanjay Dutt. The Toofan movie will be a big feast to everyone. Toofan Will Surely Grab the Box Office as there are no big films for the past month and Samaikhayndra agitation might be a challenge for toofan Box office collections. Lets wait and see how toofan progresses in the next few days / weeks..

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