Veeram Movie Review


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Movie : Veeram
Staring : Ajith, Tamannah, Viddarth, Santhanam, Vidyu Raman
Director : Siva
Music : Devi Sri Prasad
Production : Vijaya Productions
Release Date : 10-01-2014
After a long time Thala Ajith is back with a rural mass entertainer and this time it is directed by Siva of Siruthai fame. Veeram is said to be about a man who believes in his virtues and consider family is more important than his life.

The day has finally arrived. It is a complete festival time for all Ajith Kumar and Vijay fans’, as their movies Veeram and Jilla have simultaneously releasing today (January 10). The films had hit the screens last evening itself at foreign countries. Ajith Kumar is returning after the massive success of his last movie Arrambam, one of the biggest hits of 2013. This factor has added a high expectation on his latest film Veeram. After doing urban-centric roles, the Thala is returning with a rural-based subject. So, this factor has attracted cine goers.

Tamannaah is playing Ajith’s love interest and it is said that her character is the very strong and in fact it helps  the movie’s flow. Santhanam is playing the comic relief and his combination with Siruthai Siva was a big hit.

Devi Sri Prasad has composed the music and already couple of songs including the intro and theme song are big hit among Ajith fans. Produced by Sri Vijaya Productions the film’s trailer and teaser has satisfied the mass film lovers.
The film features Ajith Kumar who’s Tamilnadu Thalaiva in the lead role, while an ensemble supporting cast includes Tamannaah, Santhanam, Vidharth, Bala, Pradeep Rawat and Abhinaya, amongst others. Preproduction works had been ongoing since December 2011, with shooting starting in April 2013. The intro song of Veeram will just not have some mass dance steps by Ajith, but also pulsating stunt sequences. The film is expected to be released in 10 January 2014.

Veeram Story:

It is an action movie revolving around Ajith Kumar and his four elder brothers. Tamanna Bhatia, for the first time, is playing the female lead role. The film is directed by Siruthai Siva and produced by Vijaya Productions. The trailers and songs of Veeram had become hits. This factor has added fuel to the rising expectation on the film by the audience. Is the film up to the mark? Is the hype around the film justified? What the film has to offer? The answer is here.
Ajith portrays an untamed salt and pepper look in Veeram. Will Ajith’s majestic presence will overlook his rustic look? Tamanna is back to Kollywood after 2 years will she manage to intensify viewers again? Read Veeram Review to keep track of performances by Veeram cast that includes Vidharth, Nassar, Bala, Pradeep Rawat and many others.

Vijaya Productions has lavishly produced Ajith’s Veeram, which has cinematographer Vetri and editor Kasi Viswanathan among the crew. Devi Sri Prasad’s music is expected to be one of the highlights of Veeram. While Veeram audio is topping the charts, checkout Ajith’s Veeram Review to know if background scores are scored well too.

Will the first time combo of Ajith and Tamanna impress Tamil audiences? Will Tamanna and director Shiva manage to regain their blockbuster Siruthai success with Veeram?

First half revolves around how Ajith & Tamanna falls in love with each other. Santhanam has got more screen presence in the first half and makes sure that there is enough comedy scenes in the first half. Tamanna looks beautiful & completely fits the role. It is nice to see Ajith in this kind of role after lots of years. Train fight scene in the interval block will satisfy his fans. Overall first half, 60% Comedy, 30% – Romance & 10% – Action
Positives Points about Veeram :
  • Ajith’s intro was simple, but will be loved by his fans. Intro Song was better than Arrambam as it was well choreographed.
  • Thanks to superb Punch dialogues, uttered by Ajith.
  • Ajith shows full class, and although he’s not in a suit, he still carries the same Mass.
  • Ending is satisfying. There’s nothing really “new” in the movie, but theres enough twists, laughs and action to keep you going.
  • Second half begins quite slow. However, a decent twist/turn at the interval point. All the cast do their jobs fine.
  • Compared to the comedy is more entertaining. Gave several laughs.
  • Family Entertainer.. Nice to see Ajith in romantic scenes after long time
  • Racy Screenplay!!
  • the big plus point is Ajith .. he carries everything !
  • dialogues – clean movie without any double meanings

Negative Points about Veeram :

  • DSP’s music could have been better. This was a let down, but the action scenes definitely make up for it.
  • Songs are visually pleasing, although some are quite cheesy, and over dramatic.
  • First half is pretty pacy.

Veeram Movie Verdict : Veeram is a Mass commercial movie mixed with action,comedy&sentiments. Family entertainer.Totally Enjoyable Thala Pongal Movie. Paisa Vasool.