Baahubali Sentiment For Saaho!


Baahubali team used Ramoji Film City very well. They built permanent sets and even decided to conduct the pre-release on large scale there.

Now, Saaho team wants to follow that as a sentiment, it seems. Even though they thought at first the event should be held at LB Stadium in Hyderabad, then shifted to RFC, outskirts for convenience and sentiment reasons, it seems.

The team of Saaho planned a big event at LB Stadium but they realised security concerns will be huge for the event and shifted it to RFC, for better control.

They planned interviews and events at Chennai, Bangalore, Kochi, Mumbai and New Delhi, as well.

The core team will interact with every media house as much as possible to them in the time they can allot.

Also, the movie team accepted attend the event at Dubai, UAE as the distributors have planned a major World event there for the movie.

The distributor bought rights for a huge amount of Rs. 45 crores and they are expecting even bigger returns as well. Hence, the media courage will be massive for the event there, it seems.

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