Feminism Doesn’t Disrespect To Traditional Values Says Renu Desai


Former actress Renu Desai is a household name to Telugu audience for not just being an actor but also as ex-wife to Pawan Kayan. She entered wedlock in 2009 and they parted ways in 2012. Post divorce, Renu turned a strong-headed and self-dependent woman, who never let any trolls and negativity affect herself.

Renu Desai took to her Instagram on Monday to share her thoughts with her followers and admirers. Speaking about Feminism, she said that Feminism doesn’t mean that we disrespect traditional values. It just means standing up for the injustice which has been passed down for centuries under the guise of family traditions. Start believing in your strengths and capabilities.

Renu also said “Your identity is just not being somebody’s daughter or wife. You are a special life in your self,” while she addressing young girls.

“What am I in the eyes of most people?

A single parent. A woman who laughs loudly. Someone who isn’t ladylike. A woman living on her terms in a man’s world. Who raises her voice and is loud and assertive. A mother who raises her children perfectly without the support of a man. A woman who refuses to be artificially sweet to people to be accepted in the inner circles. A woman who has a strong opinion and is steadfast. A woman who runs her business and is capable of making sound financial decisions. A woman who doesn’t want to conform to the unreasonable patriarchal demands of society.

And, for all the above, is categorised as an unreasonable, crazy, difficult, obstinate, tenacious, obnoxious and simply a misfit,” wrote Renu Desai.